Thursday, February 12, 2009

I guess I must be improving at this blog thing since it's only been a couple weeks since my last one and not the usual couple months. :)

So Karli and I did go to the Meditteranean restaurant. The food was ok. It was like eating at a Mr. Greek. We didn't go to see Taken as planned as I heard that the version in North American theatres was edited from the version that played in Europe in 2008. I managed to get my hands on a copy of the European version and we watched it this week. We both loved it. Karli was quite impressed with how much ass Liam Neeson was kicking. I admit, I was too. It's not a movie you watch for plot but Luc Besson and his crew sure know how to put together some great action movies. My favourite of theirs is Kiss of the Dragon but I love the Transporter movies too.

Someone I work with has seen both cuts of Taken and he said they did remove some things, I guess so Fox could get the PG-13 rating in North America. To be honest, this movie is no more violent than Casino Royale and that was PG-13 as well. Oh well, the movie is still great either way. I just wish it had a cool car chase or something along those lines as I love European car chases, such as Ronin. That is one fantastic movie. In fact, I think I need to break it out sometime soon as I haven't watched it in a little while.

In gaming news, I've just played through Tomb Raider: Underworld and I really liked it. It definitely has one of the best soundtracks I think I've ever heard in a game. Now I think I'm finally going to work my way through Dead Space.

I also saw the great news yesterday that the new Survival Pack for Left 4 Dead is going to be FREE!! Yes folks, that's right, a game developer that cares about their fans and not just about over charging for things. I really have a lot of respect for Valve for doing that. Same goes to Criterian Games (and EA) for all the goodies they keep putting out for Burnout Paradise.

I hope everyone has a good Valentine's Day weekend, whether you have a special someone or not. Karli and I are going to dinner on Saturday night. Nothing too big but it'll be fun anyways just because. :) And for everyone in Ontario, have a great Family Day weekend. It may be a hoaky holiday but I'll take them when I can get them. I think we should have at least one long weekend a month. It's good for the sanity.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go and try to stomach another Leafs game. They're losing 4-1 to Tampa Bay after one period. I hope we get a good draft pick after this. Speaking of Leafs games, Karli and I are going to see them play Columbus next Thursday. It'll be Karli's first Leafs game at the ACC, so I'm really excited for her to see it. :)

Until next time, stay frosty!!