Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I watched the Watchmen

Even though it's been over a week since I saw it, I'm finally going to post my thoughts on the Watchmen movie, without spoilers for those still waiting to see it. First off, I just want to say that I really liked this movie a lot. I think Zach Snyder and co. did the best job they could do taking the source material and turning it into a movie. Even at a run time of about 2 hours and 40 minutes, there is still a lot of material from the original graphic novel that they had to take out. However, I think they did a great job of deciding what to keep in and what to take out.

They also didn't make too many changes to the story itself until the ending. The basic premise of the ending is the same as the book but some of what happens is different. To be honest though, I preferred the ending of the movie to the book. Karli did as well. In fact, she liked the movie a lot more than the book.

As for the casting, it ranged from spot-on to good, but not great. Rorshach was the best casting in the movie and he was exactly as I pictured he would be in terms of his voice, mannerisms, etc. The weakest casting was probably Dr. Manhatten, however, to be fair, it's hard to act I'm sure when you do pretty much the whole movie covered in sensors for the motion capturing.

This movie is definitely not a comic book movie to take the kiddies to. It is violent, has bad language and nudity. Definitely earns it's R-rating.

I give it a very well deserved 4/5 and hope everyone goes to check it out.


ICandee said...

Glad you enjoyed it! Now go download Ultimate Gamer. :P

MissBellatrix said...

We still do not have Watchmen here in Goderich! Arghhh. The poster is up but instead we've been getting crappy chickflicks lately (which I HATE!)

I did pick up the Watchmen graphic novel, though and I am really enjoying it! It's such a great story.