Sunday, June 21, 2009

Movie Review Time

Over the last few weeks I've seen a few movies (big surprise there huh? lol) and here is what I thought of them:

The Hangover

This movie was f'n hilarious. It's from the director of Old School and Road Trip. I think it's even funnier than those two movies. Definitely could be the break-out movie for Bradley Cooper (even though he's made a few movies already such as Wedding Crashers), Ed Helms (Andy from the Office) and Zach Galifiankis. To be honest, I think Helms and Galifinakis stole the movie from everyone else. Karli and I went to see this and I think I nearly wet myself at a lot of the scenes. It was outrageous and very raunchy, the perfect type of humour for me. It is definitely R-rated and not for the little ones.


Pixar has done it again and I really don't know how they keep doing it. They just put out quality movie after quality movie and I think this one is definitely one of their best. It really felt like classic Disney film making with the excellent writing and heart of the movie blended with the action and adventure.

The beginning of this movie is a little heavy for the kids but from there on out they should just love it. The talking dogs I think were the best part of the movie.

This is definitely one that both the kids and the adults will love.

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3

This is a remake of a movie from the 70s that starred Walter Mathau and Robert Shaw. I haven't seen that one so I can't compare it with this one.

This one though stars Denzel Washington and John Travolta and is directed by Tony Scott. Scott's involvement of course means camera cuts that could give a person seizures. Washington plays an NYC subway dispatcher, and Travolta plays the villain who hijacks a subway. For the most of the movie they never see eachother and only talk over the radio.

This was better than I expected. It's definitely not one of Tony Scott's better movies but is miles above Domino. Had a some good action and tension. Travolta is not as good a villain as he was in Face/Off but he was good hamming it up as the villain in this one. Washington was his usual self.

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