Monday, June 1, 2009

Review Time: 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand

ESRB Rating: M (violence, drug references, language)
Platform: Xbox 360, PS3
Gametype: First Person Shooter

First and foremost let me start off by saying that I never thought I would say this about a game involving Fiddy but I really, really enjoyed this game. I saw a review for it on X-Play and my friend Chris told me he had fun playing it as well, so I figured I would give it a rental.

The story is pretty simplistic but then most shooters are. Basically, Fiddy performs a concert in the Middle East with the rest of G-Unit. When the concert promoter is unable to pay him, he offers him a diamond skull (a skull covered in diamonds, not a diamond shaped like a skull). This, of course, gets stolen sending Fiddy and a G-Unit member of your choice on a chase to get it back.

Aside from the rap soundtrack, which I am not a fan of, this is a pretty sold shooter game that definitely leans more on the arcade side. You rack up a score for kills, chain kills, destroying things, etc. You also earn money so you can buy new weapons, counterkills and taunts (which I never tried). The graphics are pretty solid but not the best thing out there. The sound is great, aside from the aforementioned soundtrack. I found the controls were really easy to

The game does use a cover system much like the one in Gears without the duck and run. The counterkills are really easy to perform as well. You press B when an enemy is near you and press B again when prompted. They are pretty fun to use.

The game does have co-op in it but I didn't get a chance to try it out as no one else I know has it and I didn't feel like it playing with a stranger. From what I could tell from playing through by myself though, I think the co-op would sort of be like Army of Two with the usual helping eachother open gates, hoist eachother up onto high spots, etc.

Overall, I would definitely say this game is a great rental but not a purchase as it only took me about 7-8 hours to play through. A very good timewaster for sure though.

Rating: 7/10

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