Saturday, August 16, 2008

Microsoft Can Kiss My ......

So about a week ago I got a hankering to play some more Geometry Wars 2. I have become rather hooked on that game and I love trying to top my friend's scores, even though I know some will be way out of reach for me. lol Also, I'm just getting into Devil May Cry 4.

So back to last week, I turn on my 360 and it decides to light up like a Christmas Tree with the red ring of death. Needless to say I was a little upset to see this, especially since it is my 3rd Xbox 360. So I called Micro-shit right away to put in the repair order so that I can get my 4th system from them. Of course they were so generous as to offer me a free month of Xbox Live. Wow, a whole 5 or 6 bucks considering the amount of gas and inconvenience I have to go to, now a third time.

At first I thought, maybe it was an early adopter problem since I've had a 360 from day one but now I've come to realize, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, that this system was poorly designed and manufactured from day one.

This is getting a little ridiculous and will definitely make me think twice about picking up their next system right away.

So in my 360-less time, I've been watching some DVDs, playing Crisis Core in the PSP, and of course watching some movies in the theatre, which brings me to my next couple of reviews:

Star Wars: Clone Wars

This was pretty much complete shit in my eyes. Do not see this unless it's because you're taking your kids because, much like Phantom Menace, that's who it is for. The animation was ok and the action scenes were done well but nothing that hasn't been done before. Some characters, i.e. Mace Windu and Palpatine, looked weird. The voice acting was decent with a few of the movie actors playing their parts.

The story itself is pretty goddamn weak and the movie just draaaaggggeedddd. It also pretty much has none of the original Star Wars music, which I guess shouldn't be a big thing but without it, the movie doesn't really feel like Star Wars. The dialogue is bad too. Anakin and his Padawan spout like a teenager show on the CW. I have some more criticisms, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone who is planning on seeing it.

I think that George Lucas is becoming like the owners of the Toronto Maple Leafs. No matter what shit they put out there, people will keep paying money for it because he obviously doesn't give a shit about quality anymore.

Tropic Thunder

This was pretty funny. Downey Jr. had most of the best parts of the movie. Jack Black had a few very funny scenes too. Ben Stiller was ok. Tom Cruise's cameo is way over hyped. I think the best comedy this summer in my opinion is Step Brothers followed very closely by Pineapple Express.


MissBellatrix said...

Sucks about the 360! Hopefully you get it back soon. I worry about mine all the time (I'm on system #2). And Jeremy's randomly gives disc errors (my first system did that all the time). Hopefully they get it right with their next system but probably not...

Have you heard when you're getting yours back yet (or a refurb?)?

Love Angel PMS said...

Man, I hope you will have your console back soon.
It is a pity that it still happens though.
Well, enjoy your PSP. And keep on blogging.


MissBellatrix said...

Thanks for the comment on the blog! And the link as well.

To answer your question: yes, that is Jeremy's wedding uniform ;). He has since purchased a suit so that might change now. *LOL* And yes...Andrew lost A LOT of weight. I hardly recognized him either!


Stick it to Lucas! ;)

And Tiger over NHL 09? Think about it...

torment said...

ANY THING STAR WARS RULES . Clones Wars was a fun movie that was great for the kids and still had the action of 6 of the greatest movies of all time. was that a bit over the top... nah I didnt think so.