Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sean's Movie Reviews: Death Race

Caught the latest offering from Paul W.S. Anderson this morning. While his movies will already ever be considered among the best ever made, they are usually rather entertaining. Mortal Kombat and Resident Evil are definitely two of the better video game adaptation movies out there.

Death Race is his latest offering. This is based on the original Death Race 2000 from the 70s (which I have not seen yet) but instead of being a cross-country race, this one is confined to a prison. The best way to describe the new Death Race is Running Man meets The Condemned meets Twisted Metal.

Jason Statham stars in this movie, as yet again another driver...which is just fine by me. I think he's the best pure action star out there right now. Statham plays a man who is framed for killing his wife so that he can wind up in the prison holding Death Race and, of course, participate in same. The rest of the cast includes Joan Allen as the prison warden (evil of course), Ian McShane as Statham's prison driving coach, Tyrese Gibson as his main rival and Natalie Martinez as Statham's super hot navigator.

The best way to sum up this movie is mediocre acting and writing but incredible balls to the wall action and that is all I was hoping for really. I'd give this a good 3/5 just for the action alone.

In other news, I'm still waiting for my replacement 360. It's been two weeks since mine died and about a week since I took it back to the courier, so I'm hoping to have it early this week. I'm itching to play some more Devil May Cry 4 and Geometry Wars 2, plus I'm missing out on the demos for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Tiger Woods 09. Although, I guess it's better that it died now and not in the Fall when all the big games, especially Gears of War 2, come out.

Now that it's almost at an end, I hope everyone has had a safe and happy summer...even though it's been a rather wet one.


tormentx said...

Hope your 360 comes back in better shape. Ive have 3 and 2 had issues but all 3 are in working order ...fingers crossed

MissBellatrix said...

I've been eying up Devil May Cry 4 in the used games section at EB recently...along with A LOT of other games ;) I need to save my $$$ for a few of the new games coming out...particularly Gears of War 2. I am all over that game as soon as it is released! ;)