Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pineapple Express Review

This is about a week late but last week I caught Pineapple Express, one of my most anticipated movies this summer. I've loved the rest of Seth Rogen's movies - 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, and of course Superbad.

Pineapple Express was a pretty funny movie but I don't think it was over the top hilarious like Superbad. I definitely laughed out loud more at Step Brothers than I did at this movie. I think part of the problem with Pineapple for me is that I'm not a pothead, nor have I ever been a pothead, so I think I have a little trouble relating to the whole being stoned thing but still, I can find it pretty funny.

James Franco was very good as the eternally spaced out dealer. The rest of the supporting cast was great as well. Where they found Rosie Perez though, I'll never know. I'll always have fond memories of her though from White Men Can't Jump when I was 12 years old. :P Seth Rogen was good again but I fear that he is becoming a one trick pony almost and will wind up like Vince Vaughn, another one trick pony. I hope his next movie doesn't revolve around pot because I think there is more to him than that, i.e. Superbad.

The action scenes in the movie were actually pretty well done and there is quite a bit of violence in it, much the Lethal Weapon movies, one of the main inspirations of the movie's buddy theme.

I'd give this a 3.5/5. Definitely worth seeing for the laughs and also to give support to Seth Rogen, a fellow Canadian.

This weekend I plan on checking out Tropic Thunder and I'm really looking forward to it.

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MissBellatrix said...

You learn something new everyday! I did not know Seth Rogan was Canadian...